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Alternative Dispute Resolution
& Mediations


The Tennessee Supreme Court has appointed Marc to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission for a three year term commencing January 9, 2022.


Marc is a TN Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Mediator and a Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution Registered Neutral.

Through Zoom or other safe and effective platforms, Marc combines his ability to help parties safely and effectively resolve disputes so settlement may be achieved from the convenience of your home or office without the risk of in-person contact or the burden of travel. All online mediations follow industry protocols to ensure the security of the process.


For more information or to schedule your Online Mediation, call 423-505-5595 to speak with Marc.

For those who want to kick it old school, he also conducts Mediation in person.

Marc is associated with

On YouTube, please see the following presentations on mediation by Marc for Will Work For Food: Mediation Presentation #1 and Mediation Presentation #2.

His mediation success rate is right at 85% for both remote and in-person mediations. 

Arbitrator – American Arbitration Association (AAA) National Roster Panelist.

Dispute Resolution Board Foundation Member.

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